Blueberries at Pukeawa

pick your own at -
Pauatahanui, PORIRUA
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Pick your own (PYO) spray-free blueberries from only $14.70/kg. We charge per picking bucket  $25 - (holds about 1.6 – 1.8 kg).

Two orchards available - the family orchard (kids welcome) and the adults only orchard for peace and quiet while picking.
Feel free to bring a picnic lunch for a relaxing outing at
Pukeawa Blueberries 405 Paekakariki Hill Rd, Pauatahanui,PORIRUA.
Payment is by cash, cheque or on site laptop for internet banking (eftpos not available).


Season finished.

Open again Jan 2020.

Welcome to our website detailing some of the facilities we have here, where to find us, our procedures and of course a bit about our tasty SPRAY-FREE  Blueberries.
Pukeawa is a working farm so watch out for our pet sheep who may get a bit friendly from time to time and please leave gates as you find them. Whilst we are rural, we do have WiFi coverage for verified internet banking and we also accept cash and cheques. We cannot process cards.

In season we are open Tuesday through to Sunday (inclusive) from 8.30 am.  Closing time depends on the availability of ripe berries. The early bird catches the worm in terms of the availability of berries and ease of picking.
We are always closed if wet and are closed on Mondays other than Wellington Anniversary day.  Anniversary day [21 January] opening depends on whether or not the season is still running and whether or not there are ripe berries to be picked.
Every season is different.
Up-to-the-minute information on open/closed status is shown at the top right hand corner of this page
Alternatively, you can phone 237 4783 { DURING BUSINESS HOURS ONLY } for more information.
Happy picking,

Ian and Terrie Turner
The Hosts at Pukeawa
What to expect when you get here

On arrival you'll be fitted out with your picking bucket.  You don't need to hold it while you're picking it – it's attached to you.

If you're new to our orchard, one of us, Ian, Terrie or Rebecca will go down to the orchard with you and teach you how to pick. It only takes a couple of minutes before you are ready for action.

There are 2 orchards, side by side.  One is for families so that children get the opportunity to pick some berries and learn where food comes from.  The other is strictly adults only.  There are 2 reasons for the “adults only” rule. The 1st is that the way the bushes grow makes it unsuitable for children to pick.  The other is that many of our adult customers enjoy the opportunity for some peaceful contemplation while picking.  So everyone is catered for.

Where are -  Blueberries at Pukeawa?

405 Paekakariki Hill Road

Thats just south of Battle Hill Reserve
and closer to the Pauatahanui end

and 1 property north of McGavins Flowers shown
on adjacent Google Map

Look also for Pukeawa Sign, see below

What does it cost and packaging?
Berries are sold by the picking bucket we supply [2.5 litres] so you don't need to wonder how much you've picked and how much it's going to cost. $25 per bucket. And if your bucket is only half full, we only charge you half. The bucket holds somewhere between 1.6 and 1.8 kg depending on the size of the berries (smaller berries pack more tightly).
More details - CLICK here
Take a break - facilities
There is a picnic table so you are welcome to bring your lunch or just sit in the shade while you wait for other members of your group. There are also toilet facilities available.
In season - we are open most fine days  - weather dependent.
Season is usually Early  January to Mid- February
Contact us:-  04 - 237 4783
or click here to email
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